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As you can see the Watling Valley is committed to living with love, giving with grace and moving for mission and being an open and inclusive church.  We aim to be with all as they nagivate the rich tapestry of life.  The church is made up of its members who through their faith seek to respond to human need and offering hope to all.  As the church in this part of Milton Keynes we actively work with people of all ages - through informal gatherings for those over 50, through working with those in residential homes and sheltered housing, then there is extensive work with our schools supporting RE and Assemblies.  Our buildings are used to provide hospitality to various community groups.  Then there is what you might call the traditional work of the church, the work of being a physical presence within our communities - praying with and for those who live in the area, supporting those who grieve, celebrating life events and encouraging all in their walk with God. 

This work  costs over £5,500 per week to run the church in the Watling Valley.  This does not include any cost for maintining and improving our buildings.  All our income comes from either regular donations from our members or from one off donations from individuals.  With out this generosity the work of the church would be seriously curtailed.  

If you feel called to support the work of the church in the Watling Valley then there are several ways you can do this:


Regular Giving: 

By people giving regularly we are able to plan for the future.  The best way to give regularly is to sign up to the Parish Giving Scheme.  This is very easy just follow the instrustions in the link below.  

Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) click here

One off Donations:

If you would like to give thanks for something or just make a one off donation to support our work we would be very grateful.  You can do this by clicking on the link below.  Don't forget that if you are a tax payer you can gift aid your donation and we will be able to claim 20% back from the government.

Donations click here


This doesn't cost you anything at all and it’s easy to register - if you shop online then we will be able to receive donations from the retailers you shop with...more information on the following page.

Watling Valley  Fundraising | Easyfundraising


If you would like more information about what we do or how you can support our work then please contact the office.