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Lent, Holy Week & Easter 2022





We have a rich and varied programme of events and services online and onsite for Lent, Holy Week & Easter offering something for everyone.  There You can download the full programme here.
You can find all our online services here and on our social media channels, Facebook - YouTube - Twitter
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Lent, Holy Week & Easter Worship

Holy Week in a Box

During Holy Week we will be re-running our Holy Week in a Box videos.  These short videos are for all but especially for families to think about the events of Holy Week.

If you would like to create your own box you will need the follow:

  1. A small twig

  2. An Angry Emoji

  3. Some perfume or scent

  4. Some silver coins (Chocolate or real)

  5. Bread and a wine glass

  6. 2 sticks or 2 nails and a candle with matches

  7. A round stone