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Dwelling in the Word 2022




Over four weeks this summer, we will be using the spiritual practice of 'Dwelling in the Word'.  This year the series of readings will focus on four mentions of trees in the Bible - a reminder of God's provision, way, salvation and promise for the future.  But perhaps you couls use the summer months to look up other references to trees in the Bible - how many can you find?  Is there a common theme that emerges for you?

You might use trees as a way into person prayer - sitting under a tree and giving thanks for its beauty and shelter and the years it has passed.  Or maybe picturing a tree that has a meaning or resonance for you - from your childhood home, or school; from your garden now; or in a place that is special to you.  Offer up to God your memories and thoughts associated with that tree, that place, and the people who are connected to it.  Perhaps you might collect leaves and make a collage from them, or try a fruit or tree nuts that you've never tasted before!  Taking photo's or painting a tree could be a creative prayer activity for you, or maybe you could go the whole way, planting and nurturing a tree, in your own garden, or as part of a community project.

You can find below the readings for each week with some questions to help guide your thoughts.  You are encouraged to read the reading through several times and see which parts stand out for you.  What might God be saying to you through the words?  There is space on each sheet for you to make some notes on your reflections.  Do look back over these and see if there are any recurring themes, what are you noticing?  What might God be saying? 

If you want to share your reflections with a friend please do.  If you'd like to share them more widely with the ministry team then please send them to office@watlingvalley.org.uk


Week 1 - God's Provision (7 August 2022)

Week 2 - God's Way (14 August 2022)

Week 3 - God's Salvation (21 August 2022)

Week 4 - God's Promise (28 August 2022)

An order of service for Morning Worship with Dwelling